Mav Experience

In partnership with From Now On and the University of Nebraska Omaha, we’re proud to show the result of our effort together: Mav Experience for iOS. This is the official app of the brand-new Baxter Arena.

When Fixation came onboard, the full-featured app existed for Android; but almost nothing had been developed for iOS. Over the next several weeks, we had the chance to “catch up” to the standards already established, adding iOS flair to make it feel more at home on the platform. Coded in Swift and targeting the latest release of iOS, the app takes full advantage.

Among the many features:

  • Explore each team’s roster, upcoming games and events, plus scores and statistics
  • Browse a map of the arena to find concessions, merchandise, and other points of interest
  • Deep integration with a web-based promotions platform, to target segmented fans within the arena
  • Real-time score updates for home games, with push notifications

In addition, the app is notable for performing a full synchronization with the server when there are updates. This results in fast, smooth navigation; since all data is local. The technology used for this is a combination of Realm and Microsoft Azure Mobile Services.

You can read more about the app from the Omaha World Herald.

Posted Mon 01 February 2016