Shift - Background Creator

It’s our pleasure to share with you our latest project: Shift Background Creator for iPhone!

Shift Worship is a service which provides high-quality worship media to churches. Users can search and browse over 3,000 backgrounds, mini movies, message screens and more. All of it is specially formatted for any presentation software and any screen setup, from one standard-definition TV, to a triple-wide HD projector setup.

They wanted an app that empowered worship leaders to create their own backgrounds. Think Instagram, but designed for any projector setup, and with more options for hobbyist photographers. Shift’s customers are always looking for new content to engage their audiences, and they wanted to put the power (literally!) back into their hands. Here are the features we launched with:

  • Shoot what you see or grab an existing photo
  • Select from HD, SD or Triple Wide formats, depending on your projection set-up
  • Choose from dozens of filters made especially for backgrounds and presentation slides
  • Adjust your image for brightness, saturation, contrast, color and blur
  • Want motion? Pick from a wide variety of motion overlays with flare, shine, particles and movement
  • Use text preview to test your media for readability
  • Save and share to email, your camera roll or - even better - your account, where you’ll find your media waiting to be downloaded

The quality of both the media and the website is astounding. Allen Gilbert and I knew, from the very start of this project, that they would expect a premium app to match it all. Together, with their designers, we workshopped several versions of the app from inception to launch, iterating every month until the final product had enough polish that their customers would pay for it, use it, and enjoy it at the same level as the rest of their products.

You can find tons more information on the app on their site. Cameron from Visual Worshiper also has a nice write-up. Mitchell and Josh, and the rest of the Shift Worship team, have been an absolute joy to work with. We couldn’t have asked for a more inspiring and collaborative development experience!

Posted Wed 02 April 2014